We Show Refractive Surgeons and Their Teams How to Book an Extra 10, 15 Even 20+ Refractive & Premium Cataract Eyes Each Month, Without Increasing Their Ad Budget or Dropping Their Prices.

How much revenue is being left on the table from non-converted leads and consults in your practice? Probably more than you think. It's time to book yourself solid and grow your refractive procedure profits.

✅ 18 Years of Experience in Growing Elective Medical Practices

✅ Helped More Than 100 Practices Grow Their Surgery Volume

✅ Trained 1000+ Elective Surgery Team Members


Why is it Such a Challenge to Build a High-Converting Booking Team in Elective Medicine?

Most busy practices don’t have the time, bandwidth and resources to coach the individuals answering their phones and reaching out to online leads. As a result, those team members are not clear on their actual job (leading prospects to book an appointment) or even how to go about doing it. You get frustrated with a lack of high-quality consults, and your team gets frustrated because you are. It’s a vicious cycle.


Because The People Booking your Consults and Surgeries typically:

  • Don’t use proven leadership frameworks, resulting in too much improvisation and lost leads.

  • Fail to identify action-triggering needs using the right questions.

  • See themselves as order-takers or question-answers, not as service-driven appointment schedulers.

  • Talk more about the practice vs. learning about the prospect (which makes you sound like every other practice in town)

  • ​Completely miss "urgency-creation" in the decision-making process.

If any of these sound like you, keep reading...

How Does the E3 Conversion System Get You More High-Quality PATIENTS?


Stop Losing Prospective Patients

More new patient opportunities are lost daily on the phones and in consultations than anywhere else in your practice. E3 teaches your team to identify new patient opportunities, have consultative-style conversations and turn those opportunities into consults on your schedule.


Convert Them Into High-Quality Consultations

Once we implement our scripts and mindset coaching, not only is your team able to turn more leads into consults, but those prospective patients see you as a cut above your competitors. E3 is the best way to help prospective patients invest in themselves with one of your premium procedures, even if you’re priced higher than other practices around town.


Effectively Follow-Up with Online Prospects

As more leads are coming from the internet, your phone team has the vital role of reaching out to connect, educate and schedule them. The better they are at this process, the faster you can grow your procedure numbers. E3 teaches the skills, tools and templates for effective follow-up and conversion in our digital age.


15 Years of sales experience. 

Trained over 1000 sales people, VPs of sales & CEOs.

Worked in more than 30 countries. 



Coach Troy

Troy has spent 17+ years serving elective surgeons and showing them how to market and sell their high-ticket procedures. Based insights from hundreds of practices, the single most important aspect of the patient journey (where more new patients are lost than anywhere else) -is the lead-to-consult booking process.

Let’s build a system that allows your phone team to:

  • Educate Your Prospects with the information they actually need to make a decision

  • Exhibit Authority so Your Prospects know you’re head-and-shoulders above your so-called “competitors”

  • Empower Patients to make the right decision for them (to come see you for a consultation)


Coach Susan

Susan's sales career started at Dallas's finest steakhouses, where she routinely sold $500 bottles of wine to customers she had met only minutes earlier. She entered the field of medicine as a refractive scheduler, where she maintained an incredible 90% conversion rate to surgery.

From there, she went on to pharmaceutical sales for Alcon, where she won a number of sales awards and even served as one of their sales mentors for other team members. Now, she brings her wealth of knowledge to the E3 Coaching Curriculum, and she serves as our lead trainer for the DISC Model of Human Behavior.

Be the Best Practice for Any Great scheduler to Work For

The Harsh Truth About Sales People

❌ Most don’t get enough value from their work place

❌ Most think they are simply an under-appreciated cog in the system

❌ Most don’t realize the life-changing role they play in the patient journey

What if it could be the other way around?

The E3 System has proven to increase team satisfaction, culture and morale. Not only because your team is empowered with the skills to be better at their jobs, but also because we teach them the importance of the vital role they play in the practice.


WE’VE Been Honored to Serve

These Are Successful, Vision-Driven Practices Who Have Up-Leveled Their Scheduling Teams & Conversions Through the E3 System

How do we do it? 

Through sales process optimization & sales training using the E3 System

What Makes the E3 Method SO Effective for Building Phone Teams Who Can Fill Your Consult Schedule?

It’s Built Around Proven Models of Knowledge Transfer & Retention


Self Selling Scripts:

Self Selling Scripts:

This can be especially important in the business world. If someone came directly out of college labeling themselves as a consultant, do they really know anything more than you do? Consider looking for consultants who have successfully owned or run small businesses, enterprise organizations or specific departments.

Monetized Working Procedures

Self Selling Scripts:

A former bank CEO may seem impressive, but do they have the knowledge and experience to turn your cupcakery into a profitable small business? They might, but if you're also considering a former restaurant owner who now makes a living successfully helping small eateries grow, this consultant may be a better match for your business. Look for consultants who have worked in your industry and with businesses that match yours in style, size, needs and goals.


Built for Busy Practices

❌ The Old Way of Training - Shut down your practice, lose a ton of revenue, hope no one is out sick and hit your team with a firehose of boring info

✅ The E3 Way - Short, bite-sized lessons and group + individual training calls your team can complete on their timeline without interruption to practice flow

We teach them how to work this training into their schedules, track everyone’s participation, and we report back to you if anyone is falling behind.


Mindset + Scripting

❌ The Old Way of Training - “Here, memorize these pages of scripts and recite them like a robot.”

The E3 Way - Not only do we provide all our proven word tracks, we also focus on the most important aspect of all: Your team’s confidence, clarity and conviction about your skills as a surgeon.

We show your team how you are head-and-shoulders better than every other practice in your area

And we give them the tools to communicate this to your prospects.


"Game Tape" Conversion Critiques

There’s a reason elite athletes watch hours of tape after their games - because real-life situations provide the best learning opportunities.

In addition to role play, we review call recordings for your team and provide breakdowns of the good, the bad and the ugly.

How to handle questions differently, how to address objections, and how to answer difficult questions

This “game tape” analysis teaches your team to identify opportunities on their calls, and how they can apply this to win new patients over and over.


"Reverse Selling" Methodology

Coaches your team the balance between being “pushy” and being “a pushover”

Prospect-Focused Selling puts the attention on your prospective patients, immediately setting you apart from other practices in your area

Value-Based Conversations build a strong, high-value first impression, making prospects eager to come in and use your services, even if you’re priced higher than other practices in town

How it Works:


Our proven E3 Conversion System process includes:

  • Kickoff meeting with your consult booking team and managers

  • Development of scripts, processes and templates customized to your practice

  • Customized training and group training sessions for your team

  • Call/text/email reviews and breakdowns for your team

  • Unlimited access for questions and challenges for your team and their managers


E3 is based on principles of persuasion, influence and psychology. The system can be applied to any number of specialties, including:

  • Refractive Surgeons

  • Cosmetic Surgeons

  • Bariatric Surgeons

  • Cosmetic Dentists

  • Orthodontists

The Key to More High-Ticket Procedures: Book More Consults with Prospective Patients

Whether you’re a start-up practice looking to begin on the right foot, or an established practice with a booking team that needs to be refocused and tuned up, maximizing your team’s ability to book consults is crucial to a full treatment schedule.

- Book More Consults to Get People in the Door

- Fill Your Procedure Schedule

- Dominate Your Market

Here's what clients are saying about us

Check out how E3 has helped transformed booking teams across the country

"I hired Troy and his team, VERY happy with his results."

"I highly recommend using his program - the impact has been profound in my organization. He helped us increase our pricing, and conversion rates are up almost 10% in the call center and patient counselor departments [a 7-figure annual impact], and we're experiencing a boost in morale overall. Great energy!"

-Renata Stone, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Dougherty Laser Vision

"We've all been blown away by the E3 coaching program."

"It's exceeded every expectation by a mile. It's been amazing and the best investment we've ever made in our team.

We've more than doubled our refractive surgery numbers in less than a year. Kudos for the awesome program."

- Andrew Salem

Medical Director

Diagnostic Eye Center

"The program has been invaluable to our practice."

"As we are currently expanding our refractive program, Troy's training gave my team the mindset and the tools to confidently book refractive patients.

He’s also helped us increase the percentage of patients taking advantage of premium cataract surgery treatments. Big wins across the board!"

- Taylor Strange

Medical Director

Alliance Vision Institute

HEY, STILL Got questions?

We got answers!

We're big on clarity and transparency. Here are the answers to some FAQs that typically come up before we move to the next step.

How many of my phone team members can participate?

A. All of them. We don’t bill by the person or “seat” because we want to make sure everyone on your phone team is trained up to the same level.

Q. Do you cover XYZ TOPIC ?

A. If it’s related to sales, communications and conversions, the answer is probably yes.

If we find there is a commonly occurring topic or question that we don’t have training for, we create it.

But please hear me - the goal here isn’t to have hundreds of hours and millions of words of training material. That just overwhelms your team. We keep it simple, streamlined and focused on the big levers that can get you quick results.

Will this help with our cataracts / cosmetic dentistry / bariatric surgery / (insert elective medical service here) practice?

A. Our training is built on a foundation of leadership, authority, decision-making, beliefs and energy. These are the pillars for being a champion in Modern Sales.

And these topics are applicable to any treatment or procedure you’re promoting, so yes.

Q. How long do I have access to the materials?

A. For the core E3 materials that are in the bootcamp when you sign up, you will have access to those for an entire year.

For the 12 weeks of the program, you will also have access to join the live calls, book 1-on-1 support calls, submit calls/sms/email exchanges for review, and get coaching and support from Troy and his team. We’re here to make this a success for you!

Q. What kind of results has E3 created?

  • Broke "daily scheduled consults" record 3 times in the first 4 weeks of the program.

  • Increase average weekly booked consults by 22-36%.

  • Increase in consults booked on follow-up leads (those that didn't book on the first engagement).

  • Increased in-office conversions to surgery by 10%.

  • Confidence and ability to overcome tough questions around pricing and other common objections, and get prospects booked for consultation/surgery. (Wish you could stop “competing on price” and actually charge what you’re worth? This is the key.)

  • And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Q. How do I sign up?

A. We don’t allow practices to simply “sign up.” We first need to make sure we aren't already working with someone in your market. Then we go through a vetting process to make sure each practice is a good fit for the program, and that we believe we can get them results.

For practices that meet the appropriate criteria, we invite a handful of them every month to join us in this exclusive program. Click one of the the purple buttons on this page to book your Practice Assessment Call and get started.

Q. How much is it?

We have several different programs and pricing tiers, depending on practice size and needs. The investment is typically less than the price of 1 premium cataract eye per month.

It's not uncommon for practices to see a 5x - 9x ROI (sometimes more) on their investment. As one client put it, "After Troy shed light on our challenges, it was clear to me that we were losing money in this area. And even if we made modest improvements, that would result in tens of thousands each month in additional revenue. Which of course it did and then some.”

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